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How to Hire a Field

December 5, 2017

So you’ve decided you’d like your wedding or party in a marquee, but your garden isn’t quite big enough.. here are our top tips on where to start when you need a location for your celebrations.

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The question we are asked more than any other by our clients, is ‘Where can I hire a field?’ or ‘I’d like a marquee but don’t know where I can put it, do you have any suggestions?’.

Wedding Marquee in Cumbria

Here’s a step by step guide to beginning to plan your marquee wedding and how to find the perfect venue for you:

Decide where you’d like to be

If you can narrow it down to a county, then you’re doing pretty well at this stage! There are of course a number of other factors that may influence your decision as to where to hold your marquee celebrations:

  1. Ceremony – this is pretty crucial and you usually have just a couple of options if you’d like a legally binding ceremony: Church or Civil Ceremony.  Your local church would bring the search for a field or reception venue down to a 30 minute (or so) radius.  Alternatively, for a Civil Ceremony, a stately home with marquee site might be more practical as there is usually a room licenced for ceremonies within the house, which would allow you to have the ceremony and reception all in one location.  The alternative (and often more cost-effective option) is to get married at the local registry office and then travel to your venue from there.
  2. Accommodation – will most of your guests be travelling and therefore be staying locally, or would you prefer a more ‘festival’ type affair with space for small bell tents or camping pods etc within the grounds?  Naturally the former would mean that ideally you’ll find somewhere reasonably close to a town with a few decent hotels and bed & breakfasts, the latter means you can go as remote as you like.

So once you’ve decided on the location and ceremony, you just need to pin it down to the actual field or venue!

How to hire a field

One of the best sites we’ve found is https://www.hireafield.com/.  It has a range of sites categorised by county, and also details what infrastructure is available on site, with example costs too.  A really great place to start looking.

Cupola for the Brass Band

Hire a venue

This search tends to be a little easier, as there are multiple venue finding websites such as hitched etc, which provide a detailed list of stately homes – many of which will have a marquee site within the grounds.

Lingholm Estate, Cumbria

Ask us

The other way to look at planning, is to decide what style of marquee you’d like, and then ask your preferred marquee supplier if they know of any local venues or farms where you may hire a field.  Our website has a great list of really lovely marquee venues across the UK which is a great starting point for your venue search.

The Lake District offers the perfect backdrop for your marquee wedding


Most of all, don’t panic! Although planning a celebration in a marquee may seem a little daunting at first because there are a few more elements and logistics to consider, in the long run it gives you so much more flexibility to create your perfect day.  All our couples agree that the privacy of being in their own marquee, in their own unique setting and being able to choose every detail to suit their personal taste was absolutely worth the extra planning – and of course we are here to help guide you as much or as little as you need!

If you’d like to know more about holding your celebration with us, do get in touch – we look forward to helping you create your perfect day.

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