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Marquees can provide an ideal background for a range of corporate events; from a large seated dinner to an informal barbecue or simply to provide an area for a tough-mudder check in.  We often provide marquees for events where there just isn’t the space inside for larger guest numbers, or if the event is designed to be outside but needs a contingency plan.

Corporate Marquee - Barbecue Garden Party Tent

What is a corporate marquee?

A corporate marquee can be anything – our sailcloth tents are great for dinners or informal networking events or exhibitions.  The hybrid tents offer a more contemporary and cosy space for an event and the Nomad is perfect for barbecues, or to house a live band or chill-out area.

Plan your perfect corporate event with Shades

We are able to help you plan your event in a number of ways;

  • Marquee design / layout

Often when planning a corporate event, the brief can still be in the early stages.  We’re always happy to listen to what you require, then make recommendations to ensure that the tent, furniture, lighting etc are all suitable for your event, and also budget focussed.  Our team can then work with you and provide marquee layouts, and power plans to ensure everything is seamless on the day.

  • Marquee furnishings

We have a range of furnishings to suit any event – from contemporary bars to smart sofas, long rustic tables and benches to outdoor seating.  Take a look at our accessories brochure to see more

  • Lighting & decorations

If you’re looking for a corporate marquee, with complementary lighting and décor, we have everything you’ll need! With a variety of lighting packages, including uplighters around any surrounding buildings & trees, which really make an impact during the evening.  Our Aurora Sailcloth Tent even allows you to project onto the roof – whether you choose your corporate colours or company logo, it’s sure to help make sure your company event is remembered.

  • Corporate dining

Our tents are ideal for corporate dining events, with the capacity to hold up to 400 guests in our largest Aurora.  We can also provide a catering tent, and have worked with some amazing catering & events companies over the last few years.  Where possible, we will happily point you in the direction of a reputable company local to you.

  • Event management

In terms of overseeing your corporate event, we can help with power plans, co-ordinating with other suppliers and liaising directly when required. For a total Event Management service, please do chat to us – both Paul and Dave in particular have a strong background in Event Management.  If they aren’t available we will undoubtedly know some fantastic people who could help.

Corporate marquee event

Typical events for corporate marquees

  • VIP dinners

Marquees are an ideal way to hold a large capacity dinner or fundraising charity dinner in a location of your choice.  There are some stunning marquee sites across the UK, such as in the grounds of a stately home or overlooking a magnificent Abbey.  One of our highlights was providing the VIP Dining Tent at Bolton Abbey when Katherine Jenkins performed her outdoor concert – you can see the full blog on the Dine website here.

  • Product launches

Our tents & marquees can be used as ideal canopies or arenas for showcasing new products.

  • Corporate parties & seasonal events

Our marquees and tents can provide an ideal backdrop for your corporate party or seasonal event.  If you’re planning a summer barbecue, the Nomad Hybrid in particular would be perfect.

Corporate tents FAQs

  • Where can I host my corporate event?

You can host your corporate event just about anywhere! We usually ask that the ground is reasonably flat, and that there is good enough access to get in with one of our vans.  We’re always happy to come and do a site visit to measure up and check anything else beforehand.

Capri Tent at Howsham Hall

  • What size marquee do I need?

Our team will be happy to recommend the most suitable size based on your requirements.  This will vary depending on your guest numbers, the layout you require and the type of event you are holding.

  • How much does it cost to hire a corporate marquee?

Our marquees start from just £950 + vat.  We always provide a clear breakdown of costs at the initial quote stage, broken down into what we would class as ‘essentials’, and then ‘options’.  The ‘options’ are the elements that you can hire through us, or source directly depending on your preference.  We don’t usually mind either way, and will gladly advise accordingly.

  • Do you offer catering services?

We don’t offer catering services directly, but over the last 10 years we’ve seen some fantastic caterers.  Our recommended suppliers page features a few of the most regular companies we work with.

  • What if it rains?

If it rains a bit, that’s not usually a problem, and often the reason our tents are there! If it rains a lot, there are various contingency plans that we can put into action in beforehand – from hiring in trackway to allow vehicles to access the site and so on.  Depending on the time of year, we will sometimes advise allowing for trackway etc, and then to take a view on whether it’s actually required two weeks or a week before the event takes place.  We would never recommend something that’s not required, but equally, wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t make some bad weather contingency plans beforehand.

  • Do you provide heating and air conditioning?

Yes absolutely, it’s possible to hire heaters & air conditioning units for our marquees.  We tend to find the former are particularly useful for marquee events earlier or later in the season (March/April, and late September/October).  Air conditioning units less so – the beauty of the sailcloth tents in particular is that if it’s a nice day, we just take the sides off and use Mother Nature’s air conditioning system instead!

Corporate marquee

Planning the event

In summary, marquees for corporate events can offer a really great, flexible space whatever your occasion.  From dinners to fundraisers, barbecues to race days – the beauty of marquees and tents is their versatility.  You can contact us with the knowledge that if we have a suitable tent for your event, we’ll recommend it, but if we don’t, we’ll say so.  The Shades team will work with you to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful corporate event, but we’ll never oversell anything that you won’t need.

Do get in touch to speak to us about planning your next corporate marquee event – we’ll be happy to help.

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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all the work that went into providing us with a ‘leaf-free’ Raj tent for our wedding weekend. We thought it looked fantastic and it certainly came in handy over both days providing our guests with some much-needed shade (who would have thought it!). Really appreciate all the extra attention that was paid with putting up and taking down the side-walls to ensure it stayed pristine so thank you once again Raj Tent Wedding