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Our Nomad Stretch Tents are an exciting new addition our range of high quality marquees.

The Nomad Stretch Tent

These fully themed, ready to roll party tents are perfect for any event; garden parties, corporate buffets, birthday parties, barbecues (and everything in between), and are suitable for parties from 30-200 guests. Our range of Nomad tents encompass both traditional and hybrid stretch tents.

Essentially, the traditional stretch tents are open sided, which makes them perfect for summer events.  The Hybrid Nomad has window walls enabling them to be used all year round.

The Hybrid Nomad Stretch Tent

The sandy coloured hybrid stretch tents include window walls, which means that they are weatherproof and fully heated and as a result, they’re an ideal all year round marquee.  Take a look at our Stretch Tent Packages, which offer everything you’d need for a celebration based on around 100 guests.

At a glance features:

  • They’re cosy!
The Nomad stretch tents are a great alternative to a tipi.  They combine the essence of a teepee with the practicality of a marquee; allowing you to maximise your views and location, while retaining the cosiness and intimate atmosphere.
  • They can be used all year round
Traditional stretch tents are great for events between May and September.  The Hybrid tent can be used all year round because the window walls allow it to be fully weatherproof and heated.
  • They are great value
The Nomad stretch tents are quick to erect, which means that they’re a really cost effective option when comparing them with full marquee structures.
  • They’re modular
This means that we can ensure that we put up just the right amount of tent for your event; they can also be anchored to existing structures, which allows them to be set up on hard floors.  The Nomad Tents can seat up to 120 guests for a dinner, which means they’re an ideal size for most weddings and dinners.
  • Finally – they’re different
We all love tipis, but these are perfect for anyone looking for something that’s a little bit different to anything else.  There aren’t many stretch tents around, and even fewer hybrid stretch tents, so if you’d like a marquee that’s unique, then the Nomad is for you..
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If you’d like to know more about our marquees and tents, do get in touch (more images to follow!)

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North Ferriby
Thank you so much for all your hard work at the weekend, the marquees were amazing and your staff were so professional, everyone had a great time. Thanks again. Spring Celebrations with Shades
North Ferriby