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Looking for something a little bit different? Perhaps an alternative to a gazebo, teepee or yurt? Our genuine vintage army tents are what you need!  How about this genuine 1956 US Army ‘General Purpose Tent Medium’ made famous in the hit TV series MASH, or a Vintage 1940’s British Army Tent?

We wouldn’t necessarily suggest that you consider these for your wedding reception, however as an alternative setting for barbecues, birthdays, festivals or themed events, you would be hard pushed to find tents with as much character as these.
We are happy to supply the Vintage Army Tents as an empty shells or furnish them to your taste. They look stunning dressed as 1920’s era Safari Tents complete with folding chairs, animal hide rugs, chandeliers, firepits and even and period piano which doubles as a mini bar. The vintage gramaphone adds the perfect finishing touch!

 Vintage Army Tents

Safari themed party in Vintage Army Tents

Vintage Army Tent - blank canvas
Safari party in Vintage Army Tent
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Thank you so much for your brilliant efficiency setting up and running our stunning tent. You really made the logistics of quite a complicated event remarkably easy as nothing seemed to be too much trouble or insurmountable as far as you were concerned.  I am very grateful for you being so calm, professional and flexible.  We thought the tent looked absolutely stunning and everyone commented on how beautiful it looked.  I thought all your guys were wonderfully personable and a joy to have aro…